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About Us

Parapli IoT Umbrella is the unified integration hub for IoT based solutions. Our services enable your business to create meaningful, useful data to make quick and accurate decisions in real-time, enhanced with machine learning and automation.

Parapli is the umbrella company for enterprise IoT solutions, linking sensor data to better understand the correlation between:

  • How people move through spaces
  • Maintenance of machinery
  • Overall building infrastructure

Our Umbrella Services

With our platform and services, your business is more equipped to manage:

  • Predictive prevention
  • Predict irregular or unwanted activity (theft, injury, breakdown) for avoidable outcomes
  • Workforce optimization
  • Understand and react to the care of employees – sensing mood, optimization of physical space and productivity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Automate an intelligent system of energy use in real-time to reduce waste of energy and increase the efficiency of electricity, heating, air conditioning, etc.

Implementation with Tele2 Partner/Vendor

Tele2 IoT is one of the strongest Scandinavian players of Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. They offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products, platforms, and services to support and enable IoT deployments.
Whether you have an existing IoT infrastructure or are seeking deployment, Parapli can help your business execute.
We partner with Tele2 as a true IoT partner.

Parapli Machine Learning Solutions

Our Machine Learning Solutions will collect real time information about machine usage and handling will communicate to Parapli Hub. Using this information the service providers for the machines can proactively track the working health of the can schedule proactive checks / maintenance / downtimes. This will optimize the Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and will enhance serviceability.

Parapli Proximity Solutions

Parapli Proximity Solutions uses state-of-the-art location based tracking and tracing services to provide real time data for usage, safety and security of the workspace/warehouse/storespace.
Predictive Prevention
With workforce mobility tracking around high-risk areas on the floor – like hazardous, toxic or radioactive substances – better safety measures can be planned to reduce personnel health risks.
Workforce Optimization
With analytics gathered for the data sourced by the sensors, the overall floor planning can be optimized, with operations minimizing motion-related wastes in the operational workflow.
Environmental Sustainability
Understand and act on the way your spaces are actually being used in real-time. From ventilation to temperature control, Parapli can help influence sustainable practices of space usage. We consider the data points of the flow of people, use of machinery, energy output, etc. in real-time in order to create a more efficient and sustainable business.

Parapli Infrastructure Solutions

Our Infrastructure Solutions will integrate state-of-the-art sensors within the building to better manage energy use, optimize space, reduce operating costs, and simplify real estate planning and management.
Implementation with Tele2 Partner/Vendor
Sogeti AB/IBM smart building solutions.

Parapli Analytics Solutions

Our Analytics Solutions will collect data from various IoT systems, executing on data cleaning, visualization and modelling solutions for machine and business intelligence. Through our solutions, Parapli will help you build an IoT data-driven organization.
Implementation with Tele2 Partner/Vendor
Sogeti AB

Meet Pari

Pari is Parapli’s native chatbot and helps users navigate and administrate their IoT solutions.

Pari for Building Management

Facility managers can easily keep track of and administer their various facilities and buildings with the help of Pari.

Pari for Logistics

Storage managers can easily overview incoming and outgoing stock and adjust various environments according to the current need.

Pari for the Security Industry

Facility managers can easily keep track of and administer their various facilities and buildings with the help of Pari.

Why We Exist

People flow. Machines talk. Our environment listens. And everything produces data. Terabytes of various, unrelated, unstructured data. We capture, sort and action it.
In order to help your business act on all of these signals the operating environment is sending out, we created Parapli. Parapli is the umbrella for all of your enterprise IoT data.
Parapli collects, connects and creates meaning for your valuable IoT points. We use artificial intelligence to then action these inter-related data points.
Our goal is to help you achieve an optimal and efficient operating environment for your workforce, products and space.
Parapli is a tool created by a team of IT specialists, data architects and business strategists.
We know industry. We know data. We know innovation.
Parapli – all of your IoT under one umbrella.